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Contact Us

Midland Ministries
709 E. Hyde Park Ave.

St. Joseph, MO 64504
office phone: 816-238-4999
email: MidlandMinistries@gmail.com

facebook: Midland Ministries

Jon Henderson- Executive Director
office phone: 816-238-4999
cell: 816-261-0125
email: revjonhenderson@gmail.com
facebook: facebook.com/jon.henderson.5203

Jack Hager
cell: 816-261-1881
email: jack.hager@gmail.com
twitter: twitter.com/midlandjack
facebook: facebook.com/jack.hager
blog: www.youknowjack.blog

Andrew Johnson
cell: 816-261-0181
email: awjandy@hotmail.com
facebook: facebook.com/andrew.johnson.9465

Tom and Jodi Brager- Southside Youth Outreach (SYO)
Jodi cell: 816-262-9785
Tom cell: 816-262-2070
email: syojodi@gmail.com
facebook: facebook.com/jodi.brager
twitter: twitter.com/JodiBrager

Jim Lumpkin
cell: 816-558-0546
email: tfclumpy@gmail.com
twitter: twitter.com/gmlumpy
facebook: facebook.com/gmlumpy

George Fizer- Outdoor Ministries
cell: 816-344-6789
email: sonnyfizer@yahoo.com
facebook: facebook.com/george.l.fizer

Nick and Jessica Schrock-  Manna Ministries Mongolia
Jess cell: 816-351-3342
email: MannaMinistriesMongolia@gmail.com
facebook: facebook.com/mannaministriesmongolia
Nick facebook: facebook.com/nick.schrock.12
Jess facebook: facebook.com/jessica.schrock.921

Walt and Melissa Brown
Melissa cell: 660-973-0564
facebook: facebook.com/waltandmelissa

Thomas Gudde
cell: 620-605-2611
email: guddethomasa@gmail.com
facebook: facebook.com/thomas.gudde

Josh Embrey
cell: 816-390-1989
email: theembreys@ymail.com
facebook: Josh Embrey

Shelby Henderson
email: shelbslynn94@gmail.com
facebook: facebook.com/shelby.henderson.545

Child Rescue Staff
contact info: https://www.savingkids.net/contact-us