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Want to contact a certain staff member?

For more info about our staff.

If you want general info about the ministry, our mailing address is:

709 E. Hyde Park Ave.
St. Joseph, MO 64504

Phone: 816-238-4999

Jon Henderson
Executive Director
office phone: 816-238-4999
cell: 816-261-0125
email: revjonhenderson@gmail.com

Jim Lumpkin
cell: 816-558-0546
email: tfclumpy@gmail.com
twitter: twitter.com/gmlumpy
facebook: facebook.com/gmlumpy

Jack Hager
email: jack.hager@gmail.com
twitter: twitter.com/midlandjack
facebook: facebook.com/jack.hager

blog: www.youknowjack.blog

Jodi Brager
email: syojodi@gmail.com
facebook: facebook.com/jodi.brager
twitter: twitter.com/JodiBrager


Child Rescue

Shane Sanderson
email: crshane2010@gmail.com