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Meet The Staff

Meet the Midland Ministries Staff

Each Midland Ministries staff member raises their own personal support (their salary, as well as ministry expenses). Find out how you can support our General Fund, one of our staff members, or one of the three associate ministries (Child Rescue, Manna Ministries Mongolia, financially or give online now.

Walt & Melissa Brown

Walt and Melissa close up2

Executive Director/Midland Ministries Camp & Conference Center Camp Managers

Walt and Melissa have been the camp managers at Midland Ministries Camp and Conference Center since 2013. In addition to managing the camp year round, they are involved with Bible Quizzing, Ministry Events, and ministry construction projects. Walt is the Executive Director for the ministry They have four married kids and five grandchildren.

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Jack Hager

Prison MinistryJack close up

Jack has served in full time ministry for over 40 years since his graduation from Christ Unlimited Bible Institute in 1978. He has been on staff with Midland Ministries since 2008. Having been saved in prison, Jack has a passion for ministering in local and regional prisons. He also speaks at youth events and camps all over the world. Jack and his wife Jane have four kids.

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Andrew Johnson

Andrew close upMinistry Staff

Andrew graduated from the Institute For Teen Evangelism and joined Midland Ministries’ staff in 2000. He is involved in all areas of ministry at Midland and also serves as a youth pastor at Rushville Christian Church. Andrew and his wife Rachel have four children.

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George Fizer

Outdoor MinistriesGeorge close up

George is 1980 graduate of Christ Unlimited Bible Institute, Kansas City. He joined the Midland staff in 2007. George loves the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing, and he uses these activities to disciple young people. George leads yearly fishing/discipleship trips to Canada for boys (Preachers of the Word) and girls (Women of the Word). For more information check out the Outdoor Ministries page.

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Nick & Jessica Schrock

Directors of Manna Ministries MongoliaNick and Jess2 2021

Nick and Jessica are the Directors of Manna Ministries Mongolia, a division of Midland Ministries. This ministry is centered on Bible Quizzing in Mongolia. They raise funds for in country missionaries to run the Bible Quizzing ministry, provide humanitarian aid, and disciple Mongolian young people and adults.  Nick and Jess live in Kansas City with their 3 children. Check out the Manna Ministries Mongolia page for more information.

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Midland Board of Directors

Brian Tally - Chairman, Clarinda, IA
John Davison - Vice-Chairman, St. Joseph, Missouri 
Gregg Oswald - Treasurer, Muscotah, Kansas
Walt Brown - Executive Director, St. Joseph, Missouri 
Brad Weeks - Board Chaplin, St. Joseph, Missouri 
Lance Duncan- Kansas City, Missouri                                                                                        Steve Southard- St. Joseph, Missouri