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Midland Main Events

Midland Ministries holds fun and exciting monthly Main Events during the school year. 

See pictures from Main Events below.

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The focus of the Main Events is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These events feature Christian music, Christian films, dynamic speakers, food, games and special activities.

preaching picture
Main Events are held in different locations throughout our ministry area. All are welcome to attend. We especially encourage youth groups to come together.

Skating MPI

Check out pictures from our 2021-2022 Main Events:

Back to Camp Main Event- September 2021 

MME- Back to Camp 2021– Image 1 of 12

Hole in One Main Event- October 2021

MME- Hole in One 2021– Image 1 of 13

Midland On Ice Main Event- November 2021 

MME- Midland On Ice 2021– Image 1 of 50

 Bowling Lock-in Main Event- December 2021 

MME- Bowling Lock-in 2021– Image 1 of 19

 Glow in the Dark Night- February 2022

MME- Glow in the Dark Night 2022– Image 1 of 19

 MPI- Movie, Pizza, Ice Skating- March 2022

MME- MPI 2022– Image 1 of 12

 Incredible Pizza- April 2022

MME- Incredible Pizza 2022– Image 1 of 4