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About the Ministry

Midland Ministries (headquartered in Saint Joseph, Missouri) is a non-denominational ministry committed to reaching those outside the Body of Christ with the goal of bringing them into the Body of Christ.

As a non-denominational ministry, Midland strategically uses a variety of venues to impact lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These include every-Monday teen events called SQ632, Thursday meetings for 4th to 6th graders, monthly rallies, Bible Quizzing, missions trips, summer camps, and many more activities.

Evangelism and discipleship are the cornerstones of the ministry. Whether a small group, a large gathering, or one-on-one, Midland’s Staff (all of whom serve as home missionaries) are committed to helping both young people and adults mature in their faith.

The "STAT" is a bimonthly four-page color newsletter that describes upcoming Midland events. For the June/July issue CLICK HERE