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Bible Quizzing

Teenagers in grades 6-12 from all over the area form teams and memorize Scripture to compete against other. This is a fun, effective way to get kids to memorize God’s Word. An adult is needed to lead and coach each team.


The greatest benefit to Bible Quizzing is that young people will study large sections of the Bible each season and learn verses in context. This upcoming season quizzers will memorize chapters from the book of Acts.

The Bible quiz season begins in September and runs through February. Quizzes usually take place the second Saturday of each month at Lawson Baptist Church.  

For more information regarding quizzing, to include how Midland can bring a demonstration quiz to your church, contact Walt Brown.  Learn how to Bible Quiz with the video below!

    National Bible Quiz Tournament

    Midland Ministries brings 5 quiz teams to the Bible Quiz Fellowship National Tournament held each April in locations across America. These tournaments draw hundreds of teenagers from across the country. Nationals for the 2022-2023 season was hosted by St. Louis Bible Quizzing in St. Louis, MO. See the BQF Nationals Page for all information about the National Tournament.

    Quz Stats


    Check out the final Stats for the 2022-2023 Quiz Season

    Past Stats

    Coach's Info

    See the Bible Quiz Fellowship Downloads page to find scoring program help, updated question sets, tournament rules, and more resources.

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