Regular Season Stats

The Quiz Season is over! Congrats to everyone! And Good luck to our Nationals & Regional teams.
Here’s how you did. Enjoy

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Quick Note from Lumpy:
As you may notice, there is a lot I have to set up for on quiz days…four wireless access points, five hundred feet of cables etc spread out over four floors, 18 computers, etc.
Yeah, it’s a lot of work, but I love quizzing…and want it to work well for the kids.
A huge issue is the fact our laptops are, well, ancient. Some of the computers we use are 12-15 years old.
What to do?
The “cheapest” alternative is for several of you to let us borrow a laptop each quiz day. We’d need it by 11:00 or so. Doesn’t have to be “state of the art” but needs to be able to run Windows 7 or higher.
Or perhaps you’d make a cash donation so we can purchase laptops? Again, we don’t need bells and whistles, so each laptop would cost about $250.00.
Anything you can do to help update our equipment will be a huge benefit to the quizzers, and to the quiz program.
Questions? Or to commit to bringing a laptop call me, Lumpy, at 816 558 0546 or email at
Thanks & God bless,


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